AI Appointment Setter & Sales Close Bot

Why hire a sales appointment setter when you can have hundreds of very intelligent sales bots talking to hundreds of customers at the same time? Try our AI Close Bot.

Extremely Sales Trained

The Sales Closer Bot is trained to talk to customers in the most effective way possible to set appointments with millions of sales data points. We work with OpenAI Datasets (Created of ChatGPT) to train the bots for Sales

Talks via SMS or Emails

Ninja AI Sales Bot talks to your customers via SMS or Emails. It curates the most effective, professional and human-like messages and breaks the ice within seconds. No human can match that speed and efficiency.

Syncs with Calendar

Sales Bot automatically syncs all confirmed appointments to your favourite calendar and all you have to do is check your calendar for what's coming up next.

Remote Closers that work Full-time with no salary

You don’t have to pay these sales bots, you don’t have to give them allowances, they don’t have to take time off or vacations, they don’t take breaks to walk their dog or make sandwiches. These bots never sleep until your appointments are set.

Human-like interactions via SMS and Email - Sales trained bots.

We have partnered with OpenAI (Creators of ChatGPT) to sales train these bots to chat in the most effective way possible to represent your business in a professional and flattering manner. These bots are so human that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Automate everything.

Make your life easier with automated sales workflows. From lead capture to closing the deal, streamline your entire sales process with ease.

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