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All done! Here are some notes for our call..

Step 1: Now that you are booked in, here are some pointers to help you prepare for our call:

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That’s it! See you on the call and we’d be happy to help you setup NinjaPipe in your business and automate your business operations for you!

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NinjaPipe is an AI-Powered CRM and Sales Management Software As A Service (Referred to as SaaS) and our primary business operation is to provide a service for coaches and agencies to store their leads, customers, and sales growth and use Artificial Intelligence to automate, delegate and simplify their appointment setting, outreach, client relationships, and follow-ups. NinjaPipe is an ever-growing system that learns through experience and improves its algorithms to better deliver services over time. As with any AI software, the results may vary based on the industry you are in but they will improve with more data as you start using the software.